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Saturday, November 19, 2011 6:31 PM

i used work to keep myself busy
so that i wont be missing you.
but i found out this isnt working out.
even im busy,
my mind is more busy with you running around.

I Love You,我爱你。

3:22 AM

the AWESOME gals you nv seen and known BEFORE!
they bring laughter, happiness into my life.
at first, we all arent tht close.
but crazily brought us tgt.
no matter how wierd they are,
i still love them, cherish them as long as i could.

the smiley face brought happiness to me =D
btw, happy belated bday, JOPHIA.

the 4 most noisy, most crazy, most entu OL !
dun ever forget the craziness in you =D

with the gal of same SEC sch.
idk you well at tht time.
until we got into the same class in poly.
thanks !

I Love You,我爱你。

2:50 AM

you left me alone.
in the middle of no whr.
but rmb.
i live happily when you hav not been in my life.
so i will still live happily when you leave my life.

nothing worse thn ur betray on me.
i swear im not gonna rmb all these.
i forget everything.
i forget you,
forget your smile,
forget your hug.
but i nv forget your name
cause forever,
you are not gonna be in my heart again.

i admit i fall in love with him.
but is after your betrayed.
i knew me & him couldnt made to the last point
but im thankful i met him.
i know im foolish to love someone tht would nv be thr for me.
I still Love Him.

I Love You,我爱你。

2:40 AM

The wonderful day when im eating at a restaurant !
paid by my aunt !!
to celebrate my uncle birthday !

I Love You,我爱你。

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